Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Move from Korea to Thailand

Our last dinner in Korea - Eating Duck with Harry and his family.  I did not know I liked duck so much until this night.

Cole making a traditional stamp paining at the Airport Korea.  He is such a flirt.

Sierra making a paper jewelry bowl at the Airport in Korea

Reed and his new friend making a the stamp painting.

Cole making the paper bowl

Here is our first day in Chaing Mai Thialand - This is a tuk-tuk a common taxi here.

We rented a motorbike and it is common to stack people on we could only fit 4.
Here is a photo of 6 police on a motorcycle similar to this one -

Here is a guy riding in a taxi - the taxi is a pickup truck bed.  We rode in one to an elephant farm yesterday.

Motor bike parking at a Thai market.

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