Friday, November 8, 2013

Our evening at Rimping Market Chiang Mai Thailand

In the evenings a very common thing to do is go to the market.  Most Thai people go out to eat every evening and is a social even.  They set up stands about 5:30 and tear them down a couple hours later.  Here are the photos taken one night Nov 2013 near the Rimping Market in Thailand
Green Bananas at the Market

Fried Silk Worms

Fried Grass Hoppers - Cole and I ate these

Some other fried insect

Very Spicy Sausage.

Top bread bun filled with either Custard, Beans, Chicken with Rice or Pork with rice - Really yummy.
Below - a type of steamed dumpling.

This is Reed's mode of transportation.

I think these are anchovies

Looks like fish?

Looks like cooked fish?

Mushrooms wrapped in ham - I ate this it was good.

I have not tried this yet, but I think it is pork.

Grilled squid

Here I am eating a grasshopper

Here we are getting a foot massage after walking the market.

Cole getting his feet rubbed

Raine getting her massage

and me - Getting a foot rub.

Reed getting rubbed all over.

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