Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Market and te Aquarium.

 The Saturday Night Walking Street Market.
Dogs driving cars

Riding on the back of a bus - The buses are really just the covered bed of a pick up truck with benches.

Kids on a Thai bush

Kari and Reed riding the Thai bus

Boating on the Peng River

Sushi at the night market.

Food and Clothing the Market is Huge

The kids loved the fruit smoothies.  Well, I did too.

A group of blind musicians.  They were good.

Kari and I bought the top center paining

The artist and his painting

We spent a lot of money at the market and I was afraid we may have been impulse buying, but now that I see bought gongs, a singing bowl, fried crickets, key chains, carved elephants stuffed animals, and paintings I can see we got only what we needed.

Chaing Mai Zoo Aquarium

Cole and a Stingray 

Raine and the Stingrays

Kids in the Aquarium 

Looks like they are having fun.

Big Sea Turtle resting on the glass of the aquarium.

Koala at the zoo.

Raine wanted this picture of the map.

Gorilla with a chicken behind it.

Some kind of deer?

Monkey hanging over the river.

Elephants ready to give rides.

Some kind of deer pulling a panda???

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